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My name is Georgia, a twenty-one year old girl living just outside of London. Lifestyle & Fashion blog, Love On The Wall has been my hub of happiness for over two years now. 

Having just graduated with a 1st from my Professional Musicianship degree, I've left Brighton and have returned home, settling in between the countryside and the city. I write about my daily delights - whether that be a new chunky jumper and shiny shoes, a delicious breakfast or simply some snaps from a seaside stroll. I've always loved photography, so having somewhere to post my photos and talk about my adventures (or just day to day life) was exactly what I wanted. I find blogging has made me really focus on what truly makes me happy, always thinking of inspiring and positive content really helps to have a happier mind set. 

I also have a youtube channel. I post a new video every Wednesday and bonus vlogs whenever I'm up to anything particularly exciting! 

email // loveonthewallblog@gmail.com


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