Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Holiday Primark Haul!

Another cheeky Primark Haul - There won't be another for a little while but I wanted to treat myself to a few bits and pieces for my holiday! 

Let me know what your favourite item is - I'm absolutely loving the playsuit.. especially in this heatwave! It's been cool and comfortable and I wore it loads on holiday too. I might pick it up in a few more patterns.

Enjoy! xxxx


Monday, 5 June 2017

Five Things To Do The Week Before Your Holiday

Now we're in sunny June, I think it's safe to say it's SUMMER! 
I'm heading off to Spain in two days and I can't wait for a week of sun, sea and cocktails - but right now it's all about the holiday prep! For that reason, I'm running you through my steps for the week before you go on Holiday...

Write a 'Still Need to Buy' List

The week before I tend to head out to get any last minute clothing items I'm yet to get and I'll do the big toiletries shop!

Sort out Travel Insurance

I think the Post Office is pretty reliable for travel insurance, but have a look around and get a few quotes. It's generally not too pricey. Remember you can get a quote to cover you for multiple holidays if you're jetting off more than once this year, it could save you a few pennies. 

Book your Taxi to the Airport 

Nothing worse than that last minute panic! Get it booked in earlier if possible. 

Exchange your money

The pound isn't great right now, but have a look around for the best exchange rate and remember online price could differ to in-store prices! 

Get your body 'Summer Ready'

And by this I don't mean live in the gym, eat nothing and lose a few pounds (every body is summer ready, baby) I mean those thing that make you feel a little bit more prepared to get you bikini on! I like to arrive on my first day and be able to throw on swimwear, cover myself in suncream and head straight out to the sun for a dip in the pool - I don't want to be faffing about with nail varnish at that point! 

Nails - Whether you're getting them done, or doing them yourself! 
All the moisturiser - The sun will dry your skin out, so start the moisturising early! 
Hair Removal - Book any waxes in advance or make sure you've got nice new razors! 
Pedicure -  A little TLC for the feet that have been in winter boots for far too long!
Hair - I have had my hair cut and coloured ready for Summer and I'll be straightening it before I go, so it's easy to manage on my first day, as after that it'll be back to its usual curls for the rest of the week!

Those are my top 5 (okay, maybe it's more with the body care!) things to do before I jet off on holiday!

What does your to-do list look like before you go away?


Thursday, 1 June 2017

Thanks Dad

With Father's Day coming up this month, I thought I'd spend a little time thinking of special moments I've shared with my Dad. The Car People got in touch about a new campaign about reflecting on the lovely times we have with our dads, particularly our favourite car journeys and I loved the idea.
One specific journey came to mind instantly. It was 10 years ago (which is crazy and I only know that because at the time my Step-mum was pregnant with my little brother.) My Dad was taking me down to Devon to see a group of friends in a theatre group perform their new production. At the time my Dad had just found out he was going to be playing guitar in the band for a production of We Will Rock You, so our long journey was spent listening to the Cast Recording on repeat. My dad and I have always shared a passion for music and I suppose this journey really stuck in my head for that reason. I'd never heard the cast recording of We Will Rock You before and I loved it instantly, everything about it and felt so proud thinking back to that time when I then saw him playing in the pit band months later. It's still a favourite of mine today and every time I listen to it I think of my Dad and that car journey when our shared love of music really came through. 

To anyone else, it might just sound like I listened to music in the car with my dad, nothing special... but that just goes to show how important the little moments, that we so easily take for granted, can be. 
What's your favourite car journey with your dad? 

*I was not paid to write this post. Thanks for asking me to be a part of the campaign.


Friday, 26 May 2017

Six Cocktail Recipes For The Sunny Bank Holiday Weekend

Happy Long Weekend - the sun is shiiiining! 
It's currently Friday afternoon, I've spent all day in a bikini, I've written blog posts in the sunshine and it feels like the perfect start to Summer. 

Seeing as we all need something to cool off with in this heat I've rounded up some Pinterest Cocktail recipes I'm dying to try! Just a mini post, but all the recipes are linked below so you can make them to and find out what you need to do so. Let me know which are your favourites! 

5. Frosé

Enjoy! xo


Monday, 15 May 2017

Five Style Staples I'm Loving Right Now

I love a good wardrobe switch up when the seasons are changing. New styles and trends are coming in thick and fast and I love discovering how to work them into my own style.

Alongside some snaps taken on Brighton pier at the weekend, I've put together five trends that I am loving right now and cant wait to experiment with more in my own Spring/Summer wardrobe. 
Gingham Top

1. Get the Gingham

I'm seeing gingham absolutely everywhere at the moment, so I knew I wanted to get some gingham items in my wardrobe asap. I picked up this top for only £6 in Primark and I love it.

2. Bring on the Bardot

I know bardot tops had their moment last year, but I'm still seeing them everywhere and I still want a wardrobe full of them. I really like my collarbones (is that weird?) so I find the off the shoulder look quite flattering. They are in no way practical because I can't raise my arms higher than my boobs, which means getting my groove on is out of the question, but it's a sacrifice I'm (occasionally) willing to make.

3. 90's vibes in Oversized Denim

I've been on the search for an Oversized denim jacket for a while now and finally found one I love. It is big and baggy, but is fitted on the shoulders, it's also longline, which flatters my shape more than really big, wide baggy ones. I'm wearing it constantly at the moment and I don't see that changing any time soon. 

4. When life gives you Lemons

Lemon print has suddenly burst onto the scene (Dolce & Gabbana, I'm looking at you...) and personally, it is a print I adore and can't get enough of. So bright, so summery! There's D&G copies everywhere, so I'm keeping my eye out for one I love enough, but for now this scarf I picked up on a whim two years ago is filling the void!

5. Earrings, All the statement earrings.

Now the gold hoops I'm wearing may not be statement, as such, but they've set me off on a dangerous path (that ends in looking a lot like Pat Butcher...) I want tassels, bright colours and huge beads - I'm on a serious hunt. I've got my eye on a bright red, beaded, tassel-y pair in H&M already.

o u t f i t  d e t a i l s :

Gingham Bardot : Primark 
Black High-Waist Jeans - Bershka
Tan Brogues - ASOS
Sunglasses - Primark
Hoop Earrings - ASOS
Demin Jacket - Primark
Watch - Olivia Burton 
Lemon Scarf - Primark

What wardrobe staples are you after right now?


Wednesday, 10 May 2017


With my holiday being just a month away I thought I'd pop into Primark to pick up some Spring/Summer pieces! I'll definitely be popping back very soon to get some even more summery pieces - I need new swimwear and maybe some beachwear too.

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Whats your favourite item in my haul?


Monday, 8 May 2017

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week {08.05.17}

After a little bit of blog neglect (saaaaad times) I thought I'd try and get things back on track again. Kicking of with one of my favourite posts to write, 10 things that made me happy this week. It's a chance to look back on the little moments that have made me smile recently, I find it really helps my headspace when I'm stressed - a small reminder that it's definitely not all that bad. This post was also one of my Aunties favourites, she used to tell me that when I ended the post with 'what made you happy this week?' it really made her think about the things that made her smile and she loved that. She'll forever be the brightest star in the sky, shining even brighter yesterday with it being her birthday - so this post is for her. 
May Diary
1. A handful of moments from care home performances last week. Singing 'Please Mr Postman' to a gentleman who used to be a postman - He was beaming! A grandson watching his grandma dance and sing non-stop for 45minutes, she was loving it, he even got up to join her. A 90 year old man asking me to marry him. Too cute. (I said Yes. Obvs.)
2. Cocktails and cry-laughing with Emma on Saturday night. 
3. Dancing to Magic FM in the kitchen with mum on Saturday afternoon. She was baking, I was getting ready to go out and they were playing #1's from the 90's. 
4. A recent trip to Dorset with my dad and little brother to visit family. Collecting sea glass on Charmouth Beach, eating ice creams and visiting the crystal shop brought back all the memories of happy seaside holidays. 
5. I received my first payment from YouTube. It's not huge, it won't be buying me a house, car or holiday and to most people won't seem like much, but to me it's kind of a big deal. I don't blog or make videos for money (if I did I'd of quit a looooong time ago) so this is purely a bonus, to earn a bit of money doing something I absolutely love. When you pour your heart and soul into something, it's very rewarding.
6. Doing 'adulting' so well last Tuesday morning. Insurance quotes sorted, student finance forms, postal vote applications, prescriptions picked up. Thing I'd been putting off for a long time so I felt so happy to get them all done! 
7. Holiday shopping with Charlie. One month to goooo! 
8. Bluebells. I love seeing the blur of purple as I drive through the countryside.
9. Despacito - a new song J Biebs features on. It's bloody amazing and gives me all the holiday salsa vibes.
10. Blake Lively's look for the Met Ball. Or just Blake Lively's look in general. Or Just Blake Lively. 

What's made you happy recently? :)

*There WILL be a post coming on Friday, no more slacking from me! 

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

April Favourites

It's time for another favourites video! 

More lifestyle based faves this month ~ a TV show I was/still am/forever will be obsessed with ~ some music loves and style must haves. 

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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Babes, Beers & Bowling


The one where I spend Good Friday with my best friends being owned at bowling and being scared shitless by ridiculous arcade games. Days like this are the absolute best, I love planning them, looking forward to them, enjoying them and then reliving them though these videos. I love being able to look back on some of my favourite memories with my favourite people, so I embrace the imperfections, that come with making sure I'm 100% enjoying myself at the same time and upload the memories to my channel.



Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Huge Wardrobe Clear Out


My wardrobe was well overdue a huge clear out, so I thought I'd film the process - as it's the kind of mundane task that I strangely LOVE to watch videos about (I'm sure I'm not the only one?) 

So after a nightmare filming, including out of focus footage and then losing footage... the video has finally made it up on my channel, so please go and give it some love!

Are you feeling like you need a wardrobe Spring Clean too?!


Friday, 7 April 2017

The Spring Jacket :: Embroidered Bomber Jacket

Today I'm gonna have a ramble about this new bomber jacket I'm absolutely LOVING right now. 
My Mumma kindly picked it up for me when she was out recently as a little present. She snooped around Outfit and found this in Dorothy Perkins - which isn't a place I tend to shop in that often (for no other reason other than forgetting it exists!) The jacket is by Blue Vanilla and is only £18 online, bargain.

It's the perfect transitional piece between Winter/Spring/Summer - it's a warm, thick material so it will keep you warm if there's a chilly breeze, but it's not a heavy jacket or coat that you'll end up carrying for the rest of the day if the sun shines. It's the perfect in between for the unpredictable Spring weather.

It's on trend with the floral embroidery on the body of the jacket, which oddly enough ties they burgundy, grey and navy & white stripe together. They're not colours I'd typically put together but the embroidery somehow manages to make it all work.

I've paired it with my blue high-waisted skinny jeans, a simple white tee, brown Chelsea boots, a brown belt and my usual black handbag. A very simple, casual look that I seem to be drawn to each time I open my wardrobe - perfect for Spring weekends.

White T-shirt - Primark 
Bag - Primark 
Reflective Aviators - Some where in Croatia...!

What kind of jackets do you go for during Spring? 


Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Chatty Life Update


I thought I'd sit down to just have a chat and just update you on what I'm up to! I talk dentist nightmares, new internships and my thoughts on YouTube at the moment. 

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Monday, 3 April 2017

Monthly To Do List :: APRIL

I'm not too sure how we got to the first week of April so quickly, but here we are! 

March was good. I had lots of fun days and enjoyed the sunshine which appeared rather frequently. I lost track a little of my goals and targets though, I started to just take life as it comes, which while is good at times, I do also like to be a little bit more planned when it comes to targets and having an idea of what I want to get done. Off topic, but I also had the worst dentist experience ever *insert upside down smiling emoji* which I go into a lot more detail in my video coming at 6pm today! 

Here's my to-do's for April (you may notice a few of last months popping up again...)

-- A P R I L --

- Finish reading book number three. 
- ACTUALLY DO SOME BLOODY EXERCISE. Yes, I said this last month. Yes, it's now two months until my holiday. Yes, it's Sunday night and there's a butterscotch yum yum in the kitchen that's calling my name. Yes, I'm tempted to eat it because 'I'll start on Monday'. (and yes, I will tooootally kick myself for this in two months time!) 
- Use my paper diary more. I rely on iCal, but I enjoy writing it down, pen to paper. 
- Read the gigantic stack of magazines sitting in my room.
- Moisturise after showering and do my proper skincare routine more often. 
- Plan my days better to help my productivity. I tend to leave things until then evening (ehem, like right now) and then panic when I can't get it done. It also means I go to bed with the worst mind traffic. It's got to stop! 

What are your 'to-do's' for April?

Friday, 31 March 2017

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week {31.03.17)

It's nearly the weekend, woop! Thought I'd take a moment to reflect on what's made me happy recently as I haven't done one of these posts in a little while and they're always one of my favourites. 

1. Spring weather. A change in the clocks, the evenings are getting lighter and it's like an exciting trail heading towards summer!
2. Learning how to use photoshop. I had to make a moodboard for work, I just took the plunge and tried to teach myself how to work photoshop to make it. It took hours, but I'm so happy with the results.
3. I went to Secret Cinema: Moulin Rouge on Wednesday as my brother & I got tickets for my mum for mothers day and OH MY, Secret Cinema is the most crazy, insane and wonderful experience. You immerse yourself in an entirely different world for an evening and it is magic. We were singing, dancing, acting, booing, clapping, cheering, laughing in both the hours before the film starts and during the film. Amazing. 
4. At said Secret Cinema, I had Raclette for the first time. Seeeriously melted cheese on top of crushed potatoes with gherkins and salad. It's a cheese (and gherkin) lovers dream. Literally on a Raclette hunt in London now. I need to have it again!
5. John Mayer's Where The Light Is: Live at the Nokia Theatre album getting me through a sleepy Monday morning.
6. My plan today is to see my best friend - get brunch, catch up, have fun and then we're meeting all our favourite babes for a curry tonight. Perfect Friday! 
7. Big Little Lies on Sky Atlantic. Watch it. 
8. Baggy sweaters tucked into Mom jeans. I literally look like my mum in the 80's/90's and I BLOODY LOVE IT. 
9. Charlie snapchatting me to tell me she's bought an inflatable watermelon rubber ring for our holiday in June. The girl understands my love for watermelon. That's a true best friend. 
10. Jotting down a few plans for Summer. I've started making a list of the places I'd quite like to go to that aren't too far from where I live. It's nice to just start thinking of Summer plans.

What's made you happy this week? :)

Psssst. New outfit posts coming next week...


Saturday, 25 March 2017

March Primark Haul

Finally, I had the chance to sit down and film a proper video. Whilst I love love love Vlogging and have been uploading vlogs over the past few weeks, I do enjoy sitting down to share some new purchases and to have a ramble to you guys. 

This is a Primark Haul - including some BARGAIN leopard print boots, neon coral sweaters and palm leaf prints so you do not want to miss out! 

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Monday, 20 March 2017

The Spring Clean

It's the first day of Spring! (even if the grey clouds and drizzle don't help the Spring vibes!) 

It feels pretty refreshing to say it's the start of Spring, everything just starts to come to life and little more! At the end of the week the clocks change too. We'll lose an hour but the evenings will start to get lighter and before we know it, it will time for warm, balmy evenings with glasses of wine whilst the sun sets. 
I love having a good Spring clean. 
Obviously the usual dusting, polishing, hoovering, sweeping but also having a decor refresh. Here's some of the things I'll be freshening up this month:

If you're anything like me you'll have bedding that you like in the Autumn/Winter and a brighter set for Spring/Summer (just me? okay) I have a faux fur throw and neutral cushions in the winter so I love folding it all up, popping it away and getting out my blue and white throw and blue and white cushions to fresh things up a bit. I usually have a white duvet cover, so it just brightens up my room nicely. 

Fresh Blooms
There's nothing better than a flurry of fresh flowers dotted about. Right now it's great as you can pick up some daffodils for £1 in any supermarket and they'll last around a week if you pick them up when they're still closed. Flowers can be as inexpensive or as pricey as you like, big supermarkets have beautiful bunches for only £3 if you don't want to break the bank. I just find any flowers bring so much life into a room, the same goes for plants if you want something to last a bit longer! 

If you've got photo frames around your living space, be it a flat, house or just a bedroom, take Spring as an opportunity to switch up the photos in your frames, which have probably be the same since you first put them there! I always forget to pop new photos in the frames, despite taking so many and having tonnes I'd love to see daily. 

Wardrobe Clear Out
I bloody love a good wardrobe clear out, but I don't always find them that easy. I find sentimental value in  e v e r y t h i n g and I get so weighed down in the worry of throwing something out then needing/wanting it the moment I do. So I never used to get rid of much, but I feel I'm getting better now I've streamline my style a bit more and know what I really will actually wear again - I try to be a bit more brutal with myself - getting one of your girlfriends in to be strict always helps! I only throw things away if they're really tatty, but the majority goes to charity shops or possibly sold on Ebay if it has a little more value. I've still got bags and bags for the charity shop in the boot of my car so it looks like I might be doing a few trips! I'll be filming this for a video on my YouTube channel, as I personally love watching decluttering & wardrobe clear out videos!

What are your favourite ways to Spring Clean?


Sunday, 19 March 2017

Filming My First Music Video

Filming my first music video with the boys in Saltlake! 

A vlog of behind the scenes mishaps, lots of laughs and some School Disco reminiscing. Pretty exciting to be trusted with such a big job and I still have the most mammoth edit ahead of me but it'll be so worth it when it's finished. 

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Monday, 13 March 2017

Spring Shirts - ZARA Must Haves

Basically, I'm drooling every time I step into ZARA right now. Their Spring collection is to die for and I just want it all to honest, ha! 

I just thought I'd pop for favourites up on the blog to share my top picks. I'll let the shirts do the talking!

Anyone have £221.15 they'd like to lend me...? 


Friday, 10 March 2017

Prawn Linguine Recipe

Today I'm sharing with you one of my favourite recipes, Prawn Linguine.
 This was my go-to meal whilst at university, it was so quick, full of fresh flavours, very delicious and super filling too. 

When Inghams got in touch asking me to share a recipe from one of their gorgeous Lakes & Mountains holiday destinations for their 'Foodie Finds' campaign, I saw Italy on the list and knew exactly what I'd make. 

Prawn Linguine Recipe
Serves 2 

King Prawns (I buy them already cooked)
1 Medium Sized Tomatoes 
1 Pepper (Not Green, Needs to be sweet!) 
4 Spring Onions
Chilli (optional) 

1. Wash your vegetables. Dice the tomatoes, pepper and spring onions and put into a bowl. Crush a clove of garlic, a pinch of salt and pepper and a big squeeze of the lime and mix together to cover the vegetables. I also add about a shot of water at this point, as it can be a bit dry without, but it's not a 'sauce' so don't go overboard!
2. Put your linguine in to a pan of boiling water, stirring occasionally. 
3. Just before your pasta is done, toss your big bright bowl of veg into a pan with a little bit of oil and  heat it all through. The veg should start to soften, if the liquid looks like it's drying up then add a dash of water with a little extra salt, pepper and lime to keep the flavour. 
4. Once your pasta is done, take it off the heat. Add your cooked prawns to the veg, so they heat through. Whilst they cook, drain your pasta.
5. Take your veg and prawns off the heat and serve!

and there you go! A delicious, fresh and easy Prawn Linguine recipe!

It's perfect for just a quick dinner at home or even perfect for entertaining at a dinner party.

I was not paid to write this post, just a bit of fun for the Inghams Foodie Finds campaign. 


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

An ode to the women in my life.

International Women's Day.


Mum, my wonder woman. You taught me how to take what life throws at you, the ups, the downs and the unexpected, and to still be smiling at the end of it. You also taught me how to be a little bit crazy and I love that. 

Grandma, you taught me to appreciate the little things and to always look up.

Granny, you taught me that I'm stronger than I think and I should always remember that.

Auntie, you taught me how to laugh until your belly hurts, even when times are really tough. 

My Step-Mum, you taught me to stand up for what I believe in, to be strong and ambitious.

My Best Friends, you taught me to laugh at myself, to worry less and to live a bit more. 

You all taught me to be passionate and determined, to live a life without limits and to love unconditionally.

You made me who I am today. Thank you.
photo credit: kick-ass artist and photographer Jenna Kutcher.


Who are the women you'd like to thank today? 

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Monthly To-Do List :: MARCH

It's a cosy Friday evening in the Furness household as I'm writing this. I meant to get this post up yesterday but I was an emotional wreck (it all started in the morning with the first listen to 'Supermarket Flowers' off Ed Sheeran's new album and it just went downhill from there...) and it just had to wait. So I had a treat yo' self evening - face masks, fluffy socks, manicures, candles and all the lovely stuff that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy. 

But, it's the start of a new month - HOW?! 
I love March - a few signs of spring pop up. Daffodils, snowdrops, bluebells appear, blossom starts to, well... blossom! and you start to feel a little warmth from the sunshine when it decided to make an appearance! 

Time to reflect and think of my 'to-do's for March. 

-  M  A  R  C  H  -


- Finish off book two and start reading a third book. After a mammoth Amazon order so I'm stocked up for the next few months. I might film a video on the books I've read so far and ones I'm planning to read.
- Content plan for March and stick to it.
- Think about what I'm eating and get some regular exercise - 3 months until my holiday, I feel like that's a good amount of time to actually see some difference. 'A year ago you'll wish you started today' is SO true, so I need to remind myself that, like, every-damn-day. 
- Treat myself to something. I've eyed up a nice suede jacket in Primark and some gorgeous Spring shirts in Zara. Financially times are tough, but I think it's important to treat yourself to a little something every now and then. 
- Reflect more. What's been worrying me, the possible reasons why and how I'm going to deal with those thoughts. 
- Embrace the little Spring Jewels that will be popping up all around from now on. Take more photos of them. 
- Read more blogs & magazines. I have a whole bookmark folder saved of blogs I adore and a whole heap of magazines I need to flick through. It's perfect for when I'm feeling a little uninspired so I need to remember that this month. 
- SPRING CLEAN. Mainly because I LOVE it, but also because it's needed. Especially in the full to bursting wardrobe!  

What are your little goals for March? 


Monday, 27 February 2017

ASOS Spring Picks

With the purse-strings being a little tight right now, I'm on a shopping ban... but ohhh boyyy I wish I wasn't! Every shop is rolling out their beautiful Spring lines and I've fallen in love with every pale blue, off the shoulder, blush pink or embroidered number I've seen! 

So, just to tease myself I've scrolled through ASOS and picked out a few Spring pieces I'm dying to purchase right now (and might just do so if I get the chance to!) But I love having a look through ASOS to get inspiration for wardrobe updates each season.

ASOS Spring Picks 1

ASOS Spring Picks 2

ASOS Ultimate Chunky Cardigan - £28 (I need this in my life!) 

What's your favourite of my Spring Picks? 

*All affiliate links using the wonderful Wantfeed. It costs you no more, just helps out a blogger a little more! 

Friday, 24 February 2017

Weekly Vlogs & Life Update!

Oh hey blog, it feels like it has been FOREVER. 
I've been in a right blogging funk recently and it's been well, for want of a better word, rubbish. 

I think it's to do with the stage of my life I'm in right now. I'm post uni, looking for jobs - which Im finding is affecting so many aspects of my life. It can make me feel down and unmotivated, it leaves me with very little money and it can be tough on the self esteem too. So I think in general, I've struggled to blog because I feel like I've got nothing interesting to say. But I miss my little space on the internet and obviously, I know it's just a momentary blip and things will return to normal at some point.

BUT... Yesterday was a happy one. 

I woke up at my best friends house after a day and night of eating, chatting, chilling and laughing (We ate delish food whilst watching the Brits. BEST Wednesday)
Then, I headed over to a Yoga class at Sweaty Betty. It was the first proper Yoga class I'd ever done and I really enjoyed it - despite the serious muscle burn throughout and the pain I'm in today. It was really nice to focus on nothing but that for an hour. 
I then had my last CBT session. It's not something I have spoken about on my blog, but at the end of 2016 I decided I had had enough of the constant feeling of worry and self doubt and decided to talk to someone about it. It's been a really helpful journey for me and it's something I'd recommend to anyone who feels like I did. I'll talk about it in a lot more depth another time, but it was my last session and I walked away feeling confident I now have the tools to manage moments of worry, overthinking and doubt when they pop up again. 
Storm Doris had knocked down a few trees on route so I had to take a fair few detours to get back to mine.
I returned home to an email saying I'd got an internship! I won't go into where or with who just yet but I really wanted it. I'd been checking my emails like a mad woman for the last two days. It's completely the kind of thing I want to go into and the company is so cool. 

Things seem like they are looking up! 

So, that's an update from me, I'm hoping to get back on top of things on here from now on. I have however been on it with the videos and the WEEKLY VLOGS are BACK! You can see the most recent two below. (There's a Mexican Night vlog coming soon too!)



Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Everyday Make-Up Routine! Four Products, NO Foundation!

A slightly different video from me this week. In my day-to-day life I get frustrated putting on a full face of make-up. I'm not a huge fan of the feeling of foundation on my face, I feel frustrated when it's all a mess by the end of the day and I don't like putting it on in the morning when I'm just running errands, doing admin and pottering about in the day. Of course I love getting a little more glam if I'm up to more exciting things but day to day, I just don't like the fuss. 

So, here is my 4-products/NO foundation make up routine - I surprised myself, feeling so much more confident despite the nearly naked face and it takes less than five minutes! Give it a go!



Saturday, 11 February 2017

January Favourites 2017

Rounding up those faves again for a monthly favourites video - better late than never, ey?

January -like all months- had its good and bad moments. The good being lots of fun times with friends celebrating FOUR(!) birthdays and that wonderful feeling of a fresh new year, but bad in a very sad family loss and difficulty finding my feet on the job hunt. 

Enjoy! xxx


Friday, 3 February 2017

The February 'To Do' List

I feel like the start of every month is a checkpoint. 
It's a great point to stop for a moment and check you're on track and see what you need to do to get that little bit closer to your goals. I set some mini targets in January and I managed to do about half of them, purely because I couldn't really remember what I wanted to do. This month I'm going to write them out and put them up above my desk. So if any of them seem similar, it may be because I didn't quite get there last month! 

-  F E B R U A R Y  - 

T O - D O  L I S T

- Read another book. #2 of the hopeful 12 this year!
- Keep trying meditation and making time to stop for a moment. 
- Apply for at least 10 jobs/internships. It may seem a small number for a whole month, but I want to be realistic and I want to apply for jobs I really would be happy to get and I have worked out that finding those takes time!
- Take better care of my skin. It is dryer than the Sahara, naaat good. 
- Make more of my time. Job hunting leaves me with lots of spare time, sometimes I just need a break from it, so I want to make the most of the time I have before I'm working more. 
-STOP SNOOZING. For real this time. It is not good. 

What are your plans for February? 

Monday, 30 January 2017

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week {30.01.17}

I'm going though the really strange, weird post university stage where reality kicks in hard and job hunting, earning money and getting on the career ladder looms. It's scary and difficult, yet exciting and inspiring at times too. I've struggled with it and I am still struggling with it, I'll share my experiences once I've got myself more on track because right now the world is my oyster but I have no idea where to start! So to counter balance the struggles, I thought I'd jot down a little list of things that have made me happy recently. 
Photobooth with Henry

1. Last Sunday. It was spent wrapped up in the winter sunshine with Henry. We wandered around Spitalfields, pulled silly faces in photobooths, scoffed coffee and doughnuts (nutella for me, icing for Hen) and watched the sunset on London Bridge. PERFECT day. 
2. Daffodils. They're inexpensive, so they're the perfect way to brighten up a room without breaking the bank. Bright, fresh and a sign that Spring is coming.
3. Winter sunsets. Completely blinding when driving... but insanely beautiful.
4. The roast I demolished this Sunday afternoon at the Railway Tavern in Tulse Hill... literally the most incredible roast I've ever had. 
5. Women's March. Never has the saying 'You Go Girl' been so relevant. Empowering to say the least.
6. Saturday nights house party. Drinks and dancing with the best people. 
7. Crystals. I used to collect them when I was younger, every holiday to the coast I'd find a shop I could pick up a few shiny stones, bright crystals and pretty fossils. I found them the other day and have started to scatter them around my room, they are just beautiful and I want them to be on every surface (a bit much? probably ha!).
8. Reading before bed. Really trying to help my brain switch off a little more. 
9. Catching up on some Michalak vlogs. I need to make time to watch them more often, they're some of my favourites and I feel so inspired after just a few minutes. Plus, Stef is hilarious, Hannah is lovely and Grayson is very cute!
10. Seeing a friend and her gorgeous newborn girl last week. So much happiness and love.


What's made you happy recently? 


Friday, 27 January 2017


I picked up this leather look skirt from H&M about three years ago, I wore it a few times and then it sat gathering dust in my wardrobe, with me rarely feeling like I was confident enough to pull it off. 

With the pinch of the purse strings in January, I haven't really had the funds to update my wardrobe with new pieces so I've tried to re-work some of the items that have gone a little unnoticed, but I've not got rid of just incase I want to wear them 'one day' (I'm sure we've all done that one). Starting with this skirt. 

I spent last sunny Sunday wandering around Spitalfields market, all wrapped warm with this outfit under my coat and oversized scarf. Despite it being a rather casual day, I felt like I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and pair the skirt with something I wouldn't usually think to wear it with. 

I went for this black and white 60's style jumper, black boots with a rose gold heel and silver hoop earrings, I felt cool, sophisticated without feeling over-dressed. I'd recently picked up the jumper, a steal at £10 from Primark, thick black and white stripes, wide sleeves and a high neck, it just felt like the perfect casual jumper to pair the skirt with.

I feel so happy I decided to bite the bullet and wear this skirt, it's making its way to be a firm favourite in my wardrobe and I'm thinking of so many different ways I can style it, to dress it up or down. It's definitely made me think about ways I can style up the items that are longing for a bit of loving in my wardrobe! 

- what I'm wearing -

B&W Jumper - Primark
Black Boots - Primark

Have you got items you could save from the depths of your wardrobe?!

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