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You know those clothes in your wardrobe that might as well be your uniform? These are ten classic pieces I'm endlessly reaching for and rely on to complete nearly all my outfits. These pieces go effortlessly together or create a good foundation to build an outfit around. Basically these are my fave wardrobe basics - stripey tops all day, everyday!

You can shop my key pieces above*. 
What are your wardrobe essentials?
Things have been a little sparse on here recently, but I have a very good reason! I hoping to do a big ol' life update video soon which will explain what I've been up to. I have been regularly uploading on my YouTube channel though (have you seen my recent videos?)But I'm getting back on top of things with my favourite blog post that helps me focus on the little pleasures in life!
Georgia infront of Brighton Beach Sunset
Brighton Sunset
(a few snaps from a recent beaut Saturday in Brighton)

1. International Women's Day. Celebrating the leading ladies who have taught me how to be a strong, independent and powerful woman is the absolute best. Last year I wrote this blog post about the women in my life.  
2. Spring/Summer wardrobe additions!
3. A 'sing your heart out to Paramore' moment in the car with Em this weekend. The BEST! 
4. Salted Caramel and Chocolate Hot Cross Buns from M&S. There are no words.
5. Sewing lessons with Granny. I couldn't even take up a simple hem (I can now!) so Granny is taking the time to teach me the skills our Grandparents and Parents learnt at school. I can't ask my Mum to fix my clothes for the rest of my life, so time to get learning. 
6. Burning my Wild Mint and White Tea candle at my desk.
7. Seeing I, Tonya at the cinema - great film and crazy true story. Margot Robbie is outstanding as always.
8. The smell of Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia mixed with Peony and Blush suede, oh my. It's fresh, summery and slightly sweet - think I might make a purchase for my Spring/Summer scent.
9. Statement boots and statement earrings - my go-to to make an outfit more exciting!
10. Those moments where you realise how incredible and inspiring the people in your life are. I've had this feeling a lot recently, it leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy inside which just confirms the importance of these friendships and relationships. I might write a longer post on this, but for now, basically they're all the best babes I could ever ask for. 

What's made you happy this week?
Despite the recent snow-storms and minus temperatures we've had, I've been shopping for a few affordable pieces to kick start my Spring/Summer wardrobe. I'm loving prints and bright colours and desperate for a little warmth, sunshine and let's face it... a tan!

What are your fave pieces in the haul? Let me know! 

Last week I started my Tuesday morning with a meditation session at a beautiful new drop-in studio, Re:mind.
Based just around the corner from Victoria station Re:mind is a sanctuary of calm in the hustle and bustle of London life. Calming colours, plants, crystals, salt lamps - the surroundings leaving you feeling at ease before your class even starts. 

I have dabbled in a little mediation before, but just guided meditation through helpful apps like Headspace. The 'real thing' felt very different and was a great experience. As someone who struggles with a lot of 'mind traffic', focusing on my breathing and my body and not on trying to switch my mind off was freeing, to say the least. I took part in the Re:breathe class with Michael and felt very comfortable as a beginner. 

After the class we were offered tea and could stay around to sip, chat and enjoy - a really lovely extra touch.
As it was a soft opening for the first week, the class I attended was free, but classes start at £10 and memberships from £35.

I just wanted to give them a little shout out and share photos of their beautiful space. 
Visit their website here: Re:mind

I'm desperate to update my wardrobe by slowly introducing a few pieces for Spring (longing for a little sunshine and warmth!) but I'm also really trying to watch my spending. I popped into Primark to pick up a few pieces, to refresh my style a little without breaking the bank!

Who doesn't love a Primark Haul?! They have some beaut pieces in there that I had to resist, but there'll be many more hauls to come, that's for sure! 

What's your favourite item? Blue velvet boots win it for me I think! 

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