Friday, 24 February 2017

Weekly Vlogs & Life Update!

Oh hey blog, it feels like it has been FOREVER. 
I've been in a right blogging funk recently and it's been well, for want of a better word, rubbish. 

I think it's to do with the stage of my life I'm in right now. I'm post uni, looking for jobs - which Im finding is affecting so many aspects of my life. It can make me feel down and unmotivated, it leaves me with very little money and it can be tough on the self esteem too. So I think in general, I've struggled to blog because I feel like I've got nothing interesting to say. But I miss my little space on the internet and obviously, I know it's just a momentary blip and things will return to normal at some point.

BUT... Yesterday was a happy one. 

I woke up at my best friends house after a day and night of eating, chatting, chilling and laughing (We ate delish food whilst watching the Brits. BEST Wednesday)
Then, I headed over to a Yoga class at Sweaty Betty. It was the first proper Yoga class I'd ever done and I really enjoyed it - despite the serious muscle burn throughout and the pain I'm in today. It was really nice to focus on nothing but that for an hour. 
I then had my last CBT session. It's not something I have spoken about on my blog, but at the end of 2016 I decided I had had enough of the constant feeling of worry and self doubt and decided to talk to someone about it. It's been a really helpful journey for me and it's something I'd recommend to anyone who feels like I did. I'll talk about it in a lot more depth another time, but it was my last session and I walked away feeling confident I now have the tools to manage moments of worry, overthinking and doubt when they pop up again. 
Storm Doris had knocked down a few trees on route so I had to take a fair few detours to get back to mine.
I returned home to an email saying I'd got an internship! I won't go into where or with who just yet but I really wanted it. I'd been checking my emails like a mad woman for the last two days. It's completely the kind of thing I want to go into and the company is so cool. 

Things seem like they are looking up! 

So, that's an update from me, I'm hoping to get back on top of things on here from now on. I have however been on it with the videos and the WEEKLY VLOGS are BACK! You can see the most recent two below. (There's a Mexican Night vlog coming soon too!)



Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Everyday Make-Up Routine! Four Products, NO Foundation!

A slightly different video from me this week. In my day-to-day life I get frustrated putting on a full face of make-up. I'm not a huge fan of the feeling of foundation on my face, I feel frustrated when it's all a mess by the end of the day and I don't like putting it on in the morning when I'm just running errands, doing admin and pottering about in the day. Of course I love getting a little more glam if I'm up to more exciting things but day to day, I just don't like the fuss. 

So, here is my 4-products/NO foundation make up routine - I surprised myself, feeling so much more confident despite the nearly naked face and it takes less than five minutes! Give it a go!



Saturday, 11 February 2017

January Favourites 2017

Rounding up those faves again for a monthly favourites video - better late than never, ey?

January -like all months- had its good and bad moments. The good being lots of fun times with friends celebrating FOUR(!) birthdays and that wonderful feeling of a fresh new year, but bad in a very sad family loss and difficulty finding my feet on the job hunt. 

Enjoy! xxx

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