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Oh hey there! Hope January is treating you well. As you can see we've had a mini re-brand! 'Love on the Wall' is no more and now my blog simply goes by the same name as me. (just my URL to sort, bare with!) I've taken a step back to see how I want to use my online space this year, with a change of job too, I want it to sit nicely together and keeping it simple feels like the right direction.

So, Twenty Twenty is here!  How on earth we got here and we're not still traipsing through a rainy 2019 Feb, I have no idea. I bloomin' love a new year though, I feel all those positive vibes kick in and I feel ready to take on the world. I always find the New Year hits and I haven't started thinking about my goals for the year ahead, so instead of rushing them so I can start them the moment the clock strikes 12, I usually take a few days to really evaluate what I'd like to achieve in the next 365 days. 

More Moving. Run another 5k. 
Last year I started running (who am I?) and in September I ran my first 5k! Running was never something I enjoyed growing up but despite finding it tough, it seems to kinda work for me. I can do where ever, whenever and it's free. I want to pick it back up again - when it's not dark and 0 degrees outside, let's be honest - and enter myself into another 5k. I try not too be too hard on my body - it keeps me alive and it's a bloody wonderful thing. However, I do want to feel stronger and healthier so I hope to make a bit of a fitness journey this year to find my groove. (I'd also really like to fit comfortably into my Topshop jeans again, please, thanks.)

More Creating.
I'd like to focus on expanding my skills and creating more in 2020. Learning new ways to edit, new settings on my camera, practising more calligraphy, getting to grips with procreate on my iPad, trying new things, testing new ways. My job is creative - and at the end of last year I went part-time free lance, so it's on me now! - so I want to feel inspired and have new ideas, that won't happen if I sit in my comfort zone. I want to look back on 2020 and see work (and play) that I'm truly proud I created. 

More Cooking.
In 2019, one of my goals was to cook more and learn more recipes. With it being my first full year living in my house, this was bound to happen but I made an active effort to try new things. We actually ordered a few Hello Fresh boxes which broadened our 'go-to' recipes massively and it's ideal when we have a busy week. It's an expensive treat though, this year I'd like to work out those cupboard/fridge essentials to create quick, healthy but delicious meals from scratch at home. Ooh and to find some signature dishes that I can nail every time!

More Reading. 
There's no escapism quite like it is there? Despite that, I never dedicate enough time to getting lost in another world with a good book. I want to cut down my screen time so I really want to get into the habit of reading on my commute. I read 6 books last year, so I want to top that! More podcasts and audiobooks too - for when my square eyes need a break entirely.

More... Me?
Lately, I've been really thinking about who I am. About to get a lil deep, bare with me. I'm very easily influenced by what people around me are doing, saying, wearing, thinking, even bloody eating. Sometimes I have to make a conscious effort to make sure I'm doing something because I want to do it, not because everybody else is doing it. I'm always walking that fine line of 'am I inspired? or completely influenced?' and it's starting to play on my mind. I want to take a bit of time to find me this year - whether that's in my clothes, my political views, my photography or even what I'm having for lunch (although food envy is never a good thing, so maybe I'll continue to copy on this one...) I'm totally aware I need to remind myself I'm an actual adult more than I do - an adult with valid points, opinions, thoughts and feelings. I do think it's something that comes with age and something I feel more confident in every year. Caring about what other people think plays a huge part in this too, if I'm doing what everyone else is doing then no one can say anything - which isn't entirely true, but feels like a safe space. Saying this, I also need to remind myself it is okay to stay neutral about something or to like the same things as other people, it doesn't mean it's copying or unoriginal - maybe it's just a really great thing? Oh, what a mind f*ck. Either way, a little clarity on who I am in 2020 please. 

I think that's enough for now, we got some big ol' goals there! I'll be realistic about it, but there's nothing there that's unachievable and a lot of things that will equate to happier, healthy and more fulfilled Georgia. And I'm very much here for that.

G x

As I sit in my living room, surrounded by flickering candles and fluffy blankets, with the wind and rain whipping against the window, it reaffirms my love for this season. 

Some friends actually have a joke about how much I love Autumn ~ I am genuinely obsessed ~ but it's the simple pleasures that make this season such a joy for me. 

Basically, without wanting to sound like the girl in Mean Girls who wants to bake 'a cake filled with rainbows and smiles', I just love Autumn because it's just so bloomin' wholesome. It's such small, natural joys that happen every year. It's the ever changing colours of the leaves. It's the vibrant red, orange, brown, green, burgundy splashed across the countryside. It's the fact you can enjoy it, whatever the weather. It's crisp, cold but sunny days where you can go outside and enjoy the colour changing landscapes. It's rainy, cloudy, windy days where you light the candles, wrap up warm and fully embrace the cosiness of your home. It's the way the light changes in my house, the warm light glow streaming in. It's picking pumpkins and buying far more than you need. It's the chunky jumpers, the boots and the dresses you've had stored away since Spring. It's hunting for conkers among the crunchy leaves. It's never needing an excuse for Sunday roasts and apple crumble with custard. It's the golden hour light and vibrant sunsets. It's the nostalgic scent of carving pumpkins. It's the excited little trick or treaters knocking at your door at Halloween. It's wrapping up in all the layers, juggling hot chocolates and burgers with fried onions watching fireworks. All of this, topped off with my birthday and the exciting lead up to, dare I say it, Christmas. 

A lot of gushing about this blaaaddy beautiful time of year, but I quite honestly do not shut up about it. It's a constant source of happiness for me - it makes me embrace the big, the small, the outdoors, the indoors, the lot. 

What's your favourite season? 

G x

After searching eBay for a good quality point and shoot film camera, I found a Pentax Espio 738 and snapped it up straight away. I shot away through the end of August and start of September just hoping the camera worked and I'd get to see the images when I nervously picked up the developed film. Those nerves absolutely melted away when I flicked through the photos, I'm over the moon with how they've come out. Here's to capturing more natural moments on film!
Burger dates with my boy.

The first two tests on the camera. 'How does this work?! How do I load film?!'
Barcelona beaches showing off the best blues.

La Sagrada Familia - the light of the stained glass windows is just everything.

My beautiful Mumma.

Mumma capturing moments in Park Guell.

Back with my boy, big smiles. 

Shooting with Saltlake.

Celebrating big anniversaries with Henry's family. This last shot of his Grandma is possibly my favourite of them all - I completely caught her in a moment, she looks relaxed and pretty darn cool. 

One last shot to finish up the film. 
Happy at home, always. 

Shot on a Pentax Espio 738 on 35mm film.

Last month, Henry and I packed our suitcases and flew off to Kos for a week of sun, sea and endless greek salads. I wanted to round up some of my favourite photos from the week in a post - nothing too wordy but I want to have on here as it was an absolutely magic week. So blissful to get away with Hen and leave all the little worries behind and just be us two.

We stayed in the  TUI Sensimar Oceanis Beach and Spa Resort and we were absolutely blown away by it. The hotel was absolutely beautiful, the food was just incredible every day (breakfast choice was overwhelming, in the best way) and the staff did everything they could to make your stay perfect. 

Exploring Kos town - finding blue and white building hidden down cobbled paths and stumbling upon a row of restaurants along the seafront for dinner. We had gyros, greek salad, bread and black olive tapenade and squid whilst the sun set, delicious.

We day tripped to 'Paradise Beach'... and paradise just about cuts it. The beach at our hotel was pebbly, so the soft white sand at Paradise Beach was very welcome! The sea was calm and absolutely crystal clear. 

Boat trip! We knew we wanted to book a boat trip whilst we were away as our boat day in Mallorca last year was absolutely blissful. Now, I'm all for Instagram vs. reality so for a good slice of reality, we made the best of a bad situation of this trip. It was waaay too overbooked which didn't make it the most relaxing trip. However, we managed to get good seats, we got to explore the beautiful fishing village, Kalymnos and we swam in the crystal clear seas. It was the only thing we weren't impressed with TUI with but as I said, we didn't let it ruin our time at all. 

We spent our final evening having dinner at our hotel, then heading into Kos town for drinks and an explore. We wandered along the harbour as the sunset - Henry spent a lot of his childhood sailing so is one happy chappy admiring the boats. We wandered along the pretty backstreets to find the hidden gems between the tourist shops. I picked up a ring with the 'evil eye' on it - I have loved it ever since I was little and have wanted a ring of one for years. 

Our last day consisted of water polo, aqua aerobics (which we actually did everyday at our hotel!) excessive amounts of Fanta Limon and soaking up the last of the sun. We arrived back to Gatwick and a very rainy UK in the very early hours... but returned to our home together for the first time ever. 

Happy, happy holidays. x 

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